The design of the new spray glaze cabinet

Chinese ceramics are closed, and at the same time, iron impurities caused by the use of iron valves may be eliminated. Two glazed nozzles are provided at the upper end of the pressure tank to enable the two operators to operate at the same time. The lower end is at the bottom of the inner chamber of the pressure tank to ensure that the glaze slurry in the pressure tank can be fully pressed out. "The pressure tank is closed during the whole work period, which not only ensures the stability of the glaze speed, but also helps to maintain The purity of the glaze slurry, the attachment is installed on the intake line to install an air purifier regulator and a shut-off valve to ensure the purity and stable glaze speed of the glaze.

In addition, a safety valve is installed on the top of the pressure tank to ensure that the pressure in the pressure tank exceeds the set value, and the pressure can be relieved in time. According to the above concept, the pressure tank is designed and manufactured. The device is reasonable in design, convenient to use and flexible. Strong, easy to move and disassemble, low cost, high efficiency, good function, is an ideal and practical glazing equipment, the design of the new spray glaze cabinet, the new spray glaze cabinet focuses on the recovery of the residual glaze, the overall is an arc at the top of the cabinet Shape, this increases the internal operating space, the front part is the operating position, the lower part is the collection of the residual glaze part, and the rear part is connected with the exhaust hopper and the exhaust hopper, which is a comprehensive utilization of the water bath dust removal device part of some domestic manufacturers. Recycling of the residual glaze is installed on the bottom of the glazed cabinet with a bottomed quadrangular funnel bottom. When the fog-like glaze adheres to the inner wall of the cabinet and flows down the wall, it can be collected and discharged through the funnel-shaped outlet. In the outer container, the purpose of collecting the residual glaze is achieved, and for the convenience of operation, the funnel outlet surface of the residual glaze is collected from the ground.

Magnetic Snap Button is an invisible closure that can be used for accessories such as bags, clutches and purses. The 2 sides of the snap are magnetic making them easy to open and close with minimum fuss. the magnetic button has strong magnetic and common magnetic, and also thick and thin magnetic buttons. if you have any enquiry, please do contact us. 

In order to meet the customer's one-stop purchasing needs, we opened a hardware factory, which specialized in manufacturing various types of hardware for handbags, shoes, clothing and other ornament and craftwork fields, with the history of 14 years. Covering an area of 3000 square meters and having 15 professional technicians in the design and development teams, they can develop more than 100 new designs each month. There are 4 die-casting machines in the workshop can produce 1, 000, 000PCS products every month.
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Magnetic snap button

Magnetic Snap Button

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