4 skin care tips to teach you all-round oil

The high temperature is definitely the most powerful enemy of this summer. For every degree of temperature increase, our skin oil secretion will also increase. So many MMs have developed the habit of sticking to the oil-absorbing paper and cleaning the face many times, but you can know that oil absorption and cleaning are just a solution to the problem of slowing down the oil. After a long time, it will make the skin more oily. If you want to thoroughly say goodbye to the oily face, you need to go all out to maintain your skin. Come and see the 4 skin care tips shared by Xiaobian today!

4 skin care tips to teach you all-round oil

1. Moderate cleaning: the cleansing power of cleansing products should not be too strong

Most people's skin is a property of mixed oil. T-shape is easy to shine, cheeks are easy to dry, but cleansing products are clean, but they ignore excessive degreasing, resulting in oil and water imbalance. The oil situation is getting worse.

In general, cleansing products are not recommended for use with cleansing products because excessive surfactants can over-clean sebum. Oil control facial cleanser is not recommended, because many so-called oil-control facial cleansing milk will add some mint, borneol makes the feeling of refreshing ingredients, in fact, they do not help to control the oil, but the feeling of use feels cool. So choose to use a moisturizing cleansing product that is clean but not very tight.

2, moisturizing oil control: lotion increases skin water retention

Many MMs have the problem of controlling oil and getting more oil out of the skin. In fact, the simple oil control is only temporary. The real oil control should reduce the secretion of oil and take care of the water, so as to balance the water and oil secretion and achieve the true meaning of oil control. Therefore, it is very useful to choose a moisturizing and refreshing curd lotion or cream to maintain the oil-oil balance of oily skin and reduce the amount of oil.

3, deep oil removal: oil control exfoliating mask deep degreasing

The high temperature promotes a large increase in oil production. The oily muscles must be deeply moisturized and cleaned regularly, so as to avoid excessive accumulation of old dead skin cells and oil, resulting in the formation of acne and blackheads. The most common exfoliating ingredients are kaolin and fruit enzymes. By adsorbing excess oil and removing excess old dead skin cells, the pores are smoother and the skin is more refreshed.

4, sun protection: refreshing oil-free sunscreen to avoid pore blockage

Many MMs are worried about the burden of summer skin and the basic maintenance steps are eliminated. The damage is very big. Ultraviolet rays in the sun not only damage the skin, but also cause a series of skin reactions such as dryness, water spots, blemishes, and pigmentation. And too thick sunscreen can clog pores, causing excessive oil buildup and acne. So choose a fresh, non-sticky texture that doesn't have a dull sunscreen to help reduce oiliness. >>>Silver sun inflammation comprehensive skin care six points

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