Bedroom color feng shui

1. Different colors will bring different psychological hints, such as red brings tension, stress, fatigue, blue brings pessimism. Depression. Loss, gray brings frustration and frustration. Lack of self-confidence .lonely. Therefore, in the choice of girls bedroom wall, floor and top color should choose some light and warm, soft colors.

2. The color of accessories such as bedspreads and curtains should also first focus on overall consistency. If the wall is white, the curtains, bedspreads and other accessories in the bedroom can be decorated with soft, bright floral decorations. The curtains and bedspreads in the bedroom are best unified, so that the uniformity of the color in the bedroom is relatively high, and the overall feeling is coordinated.

3, the room should be white, milky white, light yellow, pink, or a mixture of the three as the main tone is appropriate. The color of young people can be slightly deepened according to personal preferences, but still be light-colored. Do not exceed 3 types of large-area color in the bedroom. The color of the walls should be light, the floor color should be moderate, and the furniture should be the darkest.

4, the color of the bedroom should also be changed with the time, season and trend, with different color accessories. The feelings brought to people in different seasons are different. In spring, they are full of vitality. At this time, you choose some colors that are close to nature in the color matching of the bedroom. In summer, the main color of the bedroom should be cold and light. In winter, the color of the warm color should be chosen as the main color. At the same time, the color of the bedroom should be combined with the current trend of home development, combined with the bedroom wall and floor color to match a suitable fashion color, so that your room is full of fashion sense without losing harmony.

A good bedroom Feng Shui design not only refers to a reasonable feng shui layout, but also includes the harmony of the overall tone of the bedroom, in order to adjust its mood and better promote sleep.

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