Different furniture spaces have different lighting options.

Lighting is an important part of modern home decoration. Through the combination of light color, shape and multi-lamps, it can enhance the atmosphere of different living rooms and add luster to the living room. Therefore, choosing a suitable lamp is an integral part of creating a perfect home space.

1, the living room

Choose lamps according to different function spaces: the living room lights are not for lighting but to create an atmosphere

The living room is a common activity place for a family. It has many functions such as meeting, audio-visual, reading, and games. It needs a variety of lights to fully cooperate. In many cases, the living room lamp is not for lighting, but for the atmosphere, so when we choose the living room lamp, we can choose the light color that can be changed instead of the single color. The spotlights can create a unique environment, which can be placed around the chandelier or the upper part of the furniture, allowing the light to directly illuminate the items that need to be emphasized, to achieve a prominent and rich artistic effect.

2, bedroom

Choose lamps according to different function spaces: the bedroom generally uses table lamps, floor lamps and spotlights

The bedroom is not only a place to sleep, but also needs to adapt to reading and reading newspapers before going to bed. Generally, it is necessary to use local lighting such as table lamps, floor lamps and spotlights. There is also a set of living lights in the bedroom, because of the bedside table and the dressing table. Partial lighting fixtures are required in the lounge area. A main light and a number of auxiliary lights can be placed in the bedroom to create a lighting environment that can be used and artistically to meet the different needs of people. The color of the light is preferably neutral or warm in orange or light yellow to help create a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

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3, the bathroom

Choose lamps according to different function spaces: the bathroom should be bright and soft

Bright and soft lamps should be used in the bathroom. The lamps should be protected from moisture and rust. The light source should be incandescent. Due to the high humidity in the room, the lamps should be of moisture-proof type, preferably made of plastic or glass. The lampshade should also be sealed, giving priority to light sources that are bright and light. Waterproof ceiling lamps can be used as the main lamp, and the spotlights can be used as auxiliary lamps. It can also directly use multiple spotlights to illuminate from different angles to bring a rich layering to the bathroom.

4, the kitchen

Select lamps according to different function spaces: the lamps in the kitchen must have sufficient brightness

The luminaires in the kitchen must have sufficient brightness to meet the needs of the cook when operating as desired. It is required to have sufficient brightness, especially in the kitchen, to design good local lighting, such as washing, tea and cooking positions, and insufficient light may affect work efficiency. If the height and area of ​​the room are large enough, you can decorate the chandelier above the dining table. The height of the chandelier is generally about 55-60 from the table top.

Cm to avoid obscuring or glare. With. Install the luminaire as far as possible away from the cooktop, avoiding steam and fumes, and using a safety socket. The shape of the luminaire should be as simple as possible for easy wiping.

5, study

Choose lamps according to different functional spaces: the study should consider the functionality of the light

In addition to the Table Lamp, the study room should also set general lighting to reduce indoor brightness contrast and avoid fatigue. The study lighting is mainly for reading and writing. It is necessary to consider the function of the light. The style is simple and generous, the light should be soft and bright, avoid glare, and make people learn and work comfortably.

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