How to properly clean the Shanghai Sue

First of all, it is necessary to keep the clean bench indoors dry and clean. The humid air will not only rust the manufacturing materials, but also affect the normal operation of the electrical circuit. The humid air is also conducive to the growth of bacteria and mold. Cleaning the workbench's clean environment also extends the life of the filter plate.

In addition, regular cleaning of the clean bench is an important part of normal use. The cleansing and cleaning station should include routine cleaning and periodic fumigation before and after use. When purifying the workbench, all gaps should be completely sealed. Purification workbench cleaning should include routine cleaning before and after use and regular fumigation. When purifying the workbench fumigation, all the gaps should be completely sealed. For example, the type of purification workbench with movable baffle cover at the operation port can be sealed with plastic film.

The filter plates and UV germicidal lamps of the purification workbench have a calibrated service life and should be replaced on schedule.

净化工作台怎样正确维护  上海苏净

Bathroom Furniture

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