Marble Furniture Selection Guide

Marble furniture has become a favorite of many families due to its special texture and bleak texture. Especially in the hot summer days, marble furniture can bring a special sense of desolateness to the home, which makes people feel refreshed. However, marble furniture is different from ordinary wooden furniture. Many friends often feel at a loss when they buy. I don't know where to start. Below, I will introduce you to the selection guide for marble furniture, it is worth a look. Palace master furniture

The marble homes on the market are divided into natural marble and artificial marble, while natural marble has high-quality marble and inferior marble. The choice of marble furniture must first understand the difference.
Each piece of natural marble has a unique natural pattern and color. High-quality marble furniture will use a whole piece of stone material to match the materials used in different parts. The main part will have a large area of ​​natural texture, and the corners will be used in the back of the chair, stigma and other parts to embellish. Inferior furniture, when preparing materials, use scraps, the surface lacks changes.
The marble used in furniture generally has jade stone, purple jade stone, crystal pearl stone, unicorn jade, crane top red, amethyst, white crystal and other varieties, some of which need to be dyed, while jade stone, purple jade stone and red dragon stone It is pure natural. Some inferior products will dye the low-grade white marble green and fake blue jade, and the color of these products is mostly unnatural emerald green.
The artificial marble is made of natural marble or granite gravel, which is made of cement, gypsum and unsaturated polyester resin as a binder, and is formed by stirring, grinding and polishing. Artificial marble has poor transparency and is not shiny.
How to identify artificial marble and natural marble
There is a simpler way to identify artificial and natural marble: a few drops of dilute hydrochloric acid are dripped, natural marble is violently foamed, and artificial marble is weak or even non-foaming.

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