Human Klotho Protease Free Kit

[Human Klotho Protease Free Kit] S100B Protein S100B Antibody. Hansin 57-Dihydroxy-8-methoxy-2-phenyl-4H-1-benzofuran-4-one 57-dihydroxy-8- Methoxy-2-phenyl-4H-1-benzofuran-4-one 632-85-9 Standard Casserian Beryllium 98243-57-3 Standard muscarinic acetylcholine receptor ChRM2 antibody.cis - Echinacea B (95%) standard synapse binding protein-related gene 4SRG4 antibody. [Human Klotho Protease Free Kit] Double antibody sandwich assay for human Klotho protein levels in specimens. The microporous plate was coated with purified human Klotho protein antibody to prepare a solid phase antibody, and Klotho protein was sequentially added to the microwell of the coated monoclonal antibody, and then combined with the HRP-labeled Klotho protein antibody to form an antibody-antigen-antibody standard antibody. The complex, after thorough washing, was added to the substrate TMB for color development. TMB is converted to blue under the catalysis of HRP enzyme and converted to the final yellow color by the action of an acid. The color depth is positively correlated with Klotho protein in the sample. The absorbance (OD value) was measured at 450 nm using a microplate reader, and the human Klotho protein concentration in the sample was calculated from a standard curve. [Human Klotho Protease Free Kit]

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