Lighter than the feathered running pockets, the United States UD trail running pockets evaluation report

Run from the heart's desire for freedom and the pursuit of the wind, running on the road, quietly listening to the innermost voice. Thanks for equipment cool so that I can have the opportunity to measure the United States UD running pockets.

When I just received a pocket, I was not at home. I was on a business trip. I was the mother who helped me sign the delivery. I heard she said that she got her hands gently and I couldn't feel anything. After opening it was found to be a wallet. Thin and thin, it is hard for you to imagine. When you got home, you took your pockets on a business trip. Until yesterday, you took the time to make assessments. I really envy those who specialize in donkey professions. .

one. Lighter than feathers, one of the lightest running pockets in history. Measured, only 57g pockets. For those who often reinstall travel, ignore the weight. The streamlined design is fully in line with the human body and does not even feel his presence

The equipment store flag flies above Mount Tai and flutters in the wind.

I can do so

Can also be so back

At the same time can also be so back, usually back pockets are so back to me, I feel very comfortable, ud running pockets is no exception ah, ha ha, but also can be so back. . . How come comfortable?

Second, the purse summary. U.S. top cross-country running pockets, custom-made by the cross-country run god Jurek, featuring ultra-light waterproof breathable, three small bag designs, cell phone pockets, valuables belts, energy pouches. At the same time, there are deductions, super likes, and reasonable designs on both sides of the directory.

Mobile phone bag mesh design, like thin flaps generally thin

The measured, mobile phone bag just can fit my Meizu 3 mobile phone (5.1 inches), it is recommended that the size of the runner should not use

Meizu 3 and mobile phone bag comparison chart

Just can fit into Meizu 3.

Bags of valuables are non-mesh and suitable for bank card change and other items. My gopro4 silver version can be installed.

Mobile phone and gopro4 put in the picture after

Feel the phone tight, it is recommended to use the pocket under 5.1 inches.

The left pocket of the mobile phone bag is suitable for loading some drug pills and the like, which is light and quick. Super like the right side buckle, metal buckle, used to fix the directory.

The rest are mesh-like designs, light weight flaps, breathable, wear-resistant, and the best choice for running home.

Nifco zipper, durable, outdoor essential.

Signed by scott jurek under the bag of valuables (Winning the Western 100th Runner Championship for seven consecutive years), encouraging more runners to run hard

Exquisite cut-point reinforcement for camera macro shooting, super wear-resistant, durable,

Third, running feelings, back to the body as light as a swallow, no sense of weight, breathable, body water easily volatile, like the feeling of sweating after running

Fourth, sum up, the United States UD running pockets, light weight, waterproof splash, wear-resistant, comfortable back, powerful loading function, is the best choice for running friends ALICE running outdoor daily life. Run forward, face the cold eye and ridicule, and run hard, brothers, UD, not alone.

Thanks for equipment cool, thank all cool friends, I will continue to work hard

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