Fitness coach, can be a talking mirror

Have you ever come to the gym with the goal of 8 packs of abdominal muscles, but failed to do so? You hired a professional coach at a high price, but still can't change from a fat man to a muscular stick? Maybe you practice hard, but you don't know how you practiced.

Smartspot is not a real mirror, but a display. With Microsoft's Kinect camera, you can see your real-time fitness screen on the display. In the picture, you can also show the magnitude of your movement. For example, when you take two dumbbells for lifting exercises, a degree value will appear next to your elbow. If the amplitude reaches the required level, the number will turn green. It also has a timing tracking feature that records the length of your practice and breaks.

In addition, Smartspot can record your fitness videos, you can play back videos to see where you need to improve. Of course, if you upload these videos to the online community, there may be fitness experts from anywhere in the world who can provide you with free guidance.

Benefiting from Kinect's software development kit's ability to scan and identify the human skeleton, Smartspot is able to identify where you are practicing. By relying on pre-implanted parameters, the Smartspot system can determine if you have met the requirements for each exercise.

The setting of these parameters was mainly done by Moawia Eldeeb, one of the founders of Smartspot, an experienced fitness machine. When he was a child, he often went to the gym to exercise and get care and guidance from the surrounding adult fitness people. Later, during the entire university, Moawia, who was born in poverty, relied on being a personal fitness instructor to earn extra money.

During an exchange student in Colombia, Moawia met another founder of Smartspot, Joshua Augustin, while attending a computer major. They then developed their own directors and started the development of the Smartspot project.

Currently, Moawia is trying to sell Smartspot to some gyms for $2,500. Among them, 60% of fitness members use Smartspot, it seems that it has been greatly recognized.

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