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In order to enhance the consumer experience and promote the sales of chocolate, the author's team designed a unique spherical chocolate packaging, and won the first prize in the first “Huiyuan Printing Cup” Tianjin University of Science and Technology Innovation Packaging Design Competition. Below, the author shares the innovation of this package from five different perspectives.

Structural design

The spherical chocolate packaging structure consists of 3 parts (as shown in Figure 1), including 2 outer boxes and 1 inner lining. The two outer packaging boxes adopt the structure of the heaven and earth box. The length of the outer packaging box 1 is the same as the length of the whole packaging. The front side of the box body is designed with a window opening, and the opening window is marked with a tearing perforation line for the convenience of the consumer to open; The length of the package 2 is slightly shorter for easy insertion. The inner lining is designed with two long cymbals, which are affixed with double-sided adhesive tape for bonding the outer cover of the outer box.

Figure 1 spherical chocolate packaging structure

It is worth mentioning that these three parts are simple in structure and can be mechanized. This makes this spherical chocolate package move towards productization while facilitating production and processing, and is more likely to be applied to actual production. Amazing results with simple structural innovations are also a feature of this design.

Interior design

In terms of decoration design, it adopts Ferrero's “Golden Classic Golden Romance” decoration pattern, which is simple and generous, uses ribbon to express the silky taste of chocolate, uses flowers to express the sweet taste of chocolate, and the layout design is elegant, simple and generous. The spherical chocolate packaging effect is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 spherical chocolate packaging renderings

Mode of transport

For the convenience of transportation, we glue the outer box 2 and the inner lining, that is, one long lining of the inner lining is bonded to the flap of the outer box 2, and the other parts do not need to be bonded, and then, together with the outer box 1, are divided into two parts. The stacking code is separately bundled and the package is transported to the chocolate manufacturer in a flat form. Since the package is in the form of a flat plate, transportation is very convenient, and compared with the rigid plastic case and the metal case, the transportation space can be saved and the transportation cost can be reduced.

Assembly method

First, the outer packaging box 2 and the inner liner which are bonded together are bonded and molded, and then the spherical chocolate is placed on the inner liner, and then the outer packaging box 1 is glued and molded, and the inner liner is not bonded to the outer packaging box. The double-sided adhesive tape on the long plaque is torn open and pushed into the outer box 2, and the entire assembly process is completed.

Since the height of the long cymbal piece is the same as the height of the rocking cover, the long cymbal piece will be pushed to the fixed position of the outer cover box 2, and after the test, the long cymbal piece and the rocking cover are firmly bonded, this method is feasible. . The entire assembly process is simple and easy to operate manually, saving manpower and time.

Use experience

Unlike most chocolate packaging on the market, the opening method of this package is push-pull, that is, when the package is opened, the chocolate will then appear on the package; when the package is pushed, the chocolate will sink into the package. Inside the box. The push-pull opening method not only enhances the interaction between the consumer and the product, but also gives the package a unique shape and structure. More importantly, the window opening on the surface of the box also has an anti-theft function, because the height of the rise of the package lining is exactly the height of the chocolate lining outside the lining, that is, the height of the chocolate and the box when the package is pushed up. The height is the same, so the box is not pulled before the window is opened, which is a good anti-theft function.

As a result, it also brings a different experience to consumers. As shown in Figure 3, according to the tearing hole on the window to open the window, the words "pull more exciting" appear, according to the prompt to gently pull the box, the chocolate will slowly come to your eyes, with " The feeling of the sea rising bright moon.

Figure 3 spherical chocolate packaging opening process

This package is very suitable for both plain packaging and gift wrapping. If it is a normal package, the consumer can feel the wonderful experience brought by the small push and pull when opening the package, and the shape after the opening makes the chocolate more convenient to share with friends; if it is a gift, it receives the gift. When one party opens the package, it will surprise the surprise and sigh the structure of the strange, and will be able to appreciate the heart of the gift party. (Editor: Zhang Wei)

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