What if the fitness is not enthusiastic?

Have you ever encountered this kind of situation, and suddenly one day I don’t know why I lost my passion for fitness.

What do you do when you encounter this situation? Have you regained your passion for fitness? Still not stunned from now on?

In fact, everyone may encounter such a situation! Occasionally, I feel that you will be very boring and will get bored with the gym.

Maybe because you are too tired! Physical exhaustion, mental exhaustion! My advice is to give yourself a vacation. Let yourself rest! be happy

But if you feel dull and start to be boring, here are 4 suggestions for everyone!


1. Set goals and challenges

The most common training method is to separate the different parts of the body for a total of 6-8 movements, each of which has 4 groups of 8-12. In fact, this model has more training and may become dull. You may wish to give yourself some new goals and challenges.


Try 2 new actions per training session

Training is not based on the number of times, and is limited to the time limit, for example, the maximum number of actions is completed within 40 seconds.

Regardless of the muscles trained on the day, each training requires a specific large muscle movement, such as squats or pull-ups, taking 30 days as a stage, observing the results.

Look for different training methods, such as 5X5 and super group, and experiment whether the training method is suitable for you.


2. Get out of the gym

Muscle training doesn't have to be done in the gym. Sometimes you can do some cycling training at home or with friends in the park, or even running on the mountain, you will rekindle your passion for training!

In addition, if you can, try other gym places, because different gyms have different fitness equipment, and different groups of people, which can bring new training and stimulation!


3. Looking for a fitness partner

This method is most effective, because there is a good partner that can encourage and learn from each other, and can also challenge difficult movements and weights with the help of the partner, and the training performance is greatly improved!

Every fitness player will have a partner, in addition to competitors, or fitness partners, so a good partner is very important!

4. Try a new training method

In addition to regular training, there are many training methods, such as Hu Ling, CrossFit, TRX, HICT, ViPR, and Functional Training. These trainings are always effective methods, so you may wish to let go and try!

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