The sports market further expands a large amount of capital into the bicycle industry

Sports market further expands large amounts of capital into the bicycle industry Date:2016-03-22 14:31

Chinese people are increasingly valued for health and sports, and the viewpoint that the sports industry has received more attention in the market economy is not new. The further expansion of the sports market is not the same as the old tune, or to the bicycle practitioners, because if the rise of the sports market has remained at the policy level before, or the government painted 4 trillion pie, then from 2015 In view of the momentum, 2016 will be a time when big companies are really trying to expand in the sports market.

As a benchmark for China’s investment and economic development, Wanda and Alibaba have frequently shot up sports in 2015. Taobao has become a shareholder in Evergrande, Alibaba Sports Co., Ltd. has been established and attempted to participate in Sina Sports, and Wanda has spent large sums of money to buy Swiss Infront and World Iron Man. Wanda Sports has also become the world's largest sports company. It can be seen that Ma Yun and Wang Jianlin, two people who stand at the top of China’s wealth, also understand that the current sports industry is a piece of fat that has to be grabbed.

Comparing with these billions of acquisitions, the deepest feelings for riders is that LeTV is very generous and bought the copyright of UCIWorld Tour competition, allowing top-level road races to pull gold from CCTV's midnight delays, over-the-wall agents and YY platforms. During the period, the beauty of the bicycle race was displayed with ultra-clear image quality. This is a big driving force for the bicycle industry. After all, the number of online users of the YY road bike competition live platform is only a few thousand. However, the genuine live viewers of LeTV have increased by tens of times, among which there are very abundant potential consumption forces.

In view of this, to say that the sports business is partial or small in size is obviously one-sided, because sports, or detailed to the bicycle, are still attributes of the sunrise industry, because the audience is still rising, such as music as this The venture capital behind technology crocodile and smart bicycles will also flow into the bicycle industry on a larger scale, but the industry still needs to think about how to make people who are watching lively to pay for it.

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